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We specialize in chroming, weld repair, and overhaul of aircraft cylinders. In addition to this, we chrome liners for both aircraft and automotive. We also maintain an inventory of cylinder assemblies for outright sale.


The cylinder goes through the same process as channel chrome stopping at the point where the channels are created. At this time, the cylinder is removed from the chrome tank and honed. Silicon carbide is then mechanically induced onto the surface. This leaves the surface slightly abrasive, which results in a cylinder with lower oil consumption and faster break-in time.


The inside of the cylinder bore is ground ntil a smooth surface is attained. Hard chrome is then applied through electroplating until specific dimensions are reached. At the appropriate time the electrical current is reversed so that cracks or “channels” can form. The depth and number of channels is critical as they provide the means for proper lubrication. Too few channels will inhibit adequate lubrication, too many will result in excessive oil consumption.

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